Your graphic design studio.

We have been a graphic design company. For decades.

We founded the company in the 90s. Since then we have worked with graphic design – for both print and web. We already have many years of experience and it’s mainly thanks to this experience that we work so well.

We create functional design. And more.

We focus on graphic design, but we can help you with content and format as well. We can work strictly according to design manuals or flexibly based on your ideas. We create production materials for multinational corporations as well as creative designs for small businesses.

We care for our clients. Immediately.

Deadline approaching fast? Great! Our professionality and great workflow enables us to prepare flawless graphics in a short time. Not tomorrow, now! Ask our long-term clients. Here are some of them:

We are independent professionals. In a team.

It is certainly cool to be a freelancer, but we are bound by our responsibility. Thanks to our team of graphic designers we have flexible capacity and can easily back each other up. There is never „we don’t have time“ or „we are not available“.

We work from Kolín.
For the whole world.

Czech and Slovak are our native languages, but we prepare projects in English, French, Polish, Arabic, Farsi or Korean. If needed, we also have translators and proofreaders at our disposal. Human ones, of course!

DORS studio, spol. s r.o.

Karolíny Světlé 137, 280 02 Kolín, Czech Republic

tel: +420 321 725 416

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